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Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

A Reverse mortgage can offer financial benefits to a wide range of homeowners. It’s a valuable tool for an overall retirement strategy and can leverage your home equity in various ways to support your financial planning goals.

While taking money from the Reverse Mortgage may reduce the home-equity component, it does not necessarily reduce the overall net worth or value of the total assets since other financial assets can grow rather than be drawn down.

We have been working to educate homeowners on the benefits of reverse mortgages and to correct many misconceptions that exist. Talk to us today and learn more about how a reverse mortgage can help you. 

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For more information please download our Reverse Mortgage Benefits brochure or request the the free booklets with comprehensive and detailed information. Just fill out the form below and we will mail you the 4-booklet set at no cost to you.

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Advantages of a Reverse Mortgage

The primary advantages of a reverse mortgage include:

  • Ensure housing security for the individual homeowners and their spouses
  • Pay off an existing mortgage
  • Fund home renovations to allow for aging in place
  • Purchase a new home
  • Create of a line of credit that increases over time and that is accessible to meet spending needs and serve as an emergency fund
  • Delay drawing social security
  • Build wealth by minimizing income taxes and allowing your investment assets to grow

There can be additional advantages and benefits depending on your personal situation and needs. Based on our 20+ year experience in the financial sector we are able to provide detailed information and options that will help you create financial flexibility through an informed strategy.

An initial consultation will help you decide whether a reverse mortgage is a good fit. There is no obligation or cost, only honest and straightforward advice without pressure. 

Please contact Wayne Tucker at 303-468-1985 – or Kim Renquest at 303-468-1985 – to schedule a time to talk.

The entire process was timely and complete. The attention to detail was appreciated. Nicely done.” – Marv Achterberg
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