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Buying a home may be the largest investment you ever make. It’s important to get it right. A lending decision based solely on interest rates may lead you down the wrong path.

At Spectra Mortgage we believe every situation is unique. A cookie cutter approach rarely generates the best possible outcome. We give you choices and help you weigh your options. We take into account your financial needs now and down the road. The right mortgage for your circumstances is the path to building equity and, ultimately, to building wealth.


If you’re 62 or older and have significant equity in your home, a reverse mortgage as part of an overall retirement plan can offer a variety of benefits for qualified borrowers. We’ll explain how to leverage your home equity to create financial flexibility and increase your overall wealth whether you currently have a mortgage or not.

For many a traditional mortgage might not be your best bet as you approach retirement – your home’s equity may not be readily accessible when you need it.

Let’s begin with a FREE no-obligation, no-pressure consultation to help you decide if a reverse mortgage meets your needs. 


Lowering your interest rate, reducing your monthly payment, or consolidating debt are all reasons to consider a refinance. We’ll start with an in-depth conversation about your goals, then present several options. We will help you weigh the pros and cons to reach a smart decision. No question will go unanswered. 


If you’re ready to purchase, we will tailor a lending solution that’s right for you. Interest rates matter, but they only provide a partial picture. Several loan scenarios will most likely work in your situation. Landing on the best solution is something we decide together.

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