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As of March 2018, Spectra Mortgage can now offer Reverse Mortgages to its clients. More importantly, we are now positioned to provide our clients the information they will need to evaluate all their mortgage and financial options when it comes to managing their largest asset.

Wayne is looking forward to using his financial background as a Certified Public Accountant with over 25 years of experience providing tax and financial advice and over 13 years in the mortgage industry providing mortgage and real estate finance advice.

Like a lot of financial products, Reverse Mortgages have their place as a financial planning tool. As the population ages, more people will want to understand and evaluate whether a Reverse Mortgage is right for their situation.  Of course, getting an honest and fair evaluation without sales pressure from a trusted advisor can be an obstacle, since many people who are interested in finding out their options don’t feel comfortable calling a call center 800 number.

Starting now, if you, your friends, or your family are interested in getting educated about Reverse Mortgages and finding out what the pros and cons are, Spectra Mortgage will be a great resource to obtain the information needed. We can talk to you about your mortgage options from your first mortgages to your last mortgage and every option in between.  We can also work with your other advisors including family, accountants, financial planners and attorneys where necessary to help you manage your largest asset.

Our approach will be the same as you have experienced in the past. We provide our clients the information they need to make sound financial decisions.

If you have any mortgage needs or questions about Forward or Reverse Mortgages contact Kim Renquest or Wayne Tucker today.